Nebraska Public Skateparks Council
Nebraska Public Skateparks Council
Our mission is to ensure a fully-utilized and vibrant skatepark at Omaha’s Riverfront.

Special Message from Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk’s endorsement for a quality skatepark at Omaha, NE’s Riverfront.

Riverfront Skatepark

Omaha, NE

Our mission is to ensure a fully-utilized
& vibrant skatepark at Omaha’s Riverfront. 


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Activates an area • Reduces crime • Creates a safe space


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Hello Omaha City Officials & Partners

We are The Nebraska Public Skatepark Council

made up of local core skateboarders, including professionals and industry-insiders

We Can Help Avoid:

Underutilized Skateparks

From being poorly designed.

Unsafe Skateparks

From being well-designed, but poorly built.

Wasted Resources (money)

From not hearing out local council.

For a Quality Skatepark


We’d love to be included with any part of the planning

  1. RFPs: Reviewing and/or helping write RFPs

  2. Company: Selecting the design/build skatepark company

  3. Design: Reviewing or consulting on skatepark design

  4. Build: Reviewing or consulting on build out

Our collaboration will be easy and we won’t waste your time.

More importantly, this will ensure a quality skatepark.


NE Public Skatepark

Council Members


35+ Year Skateboarder

  • Founded The Skateboard Mag, one of the largest skateboard magazines in the world

  • 30+ years of writing for skateboard magazines

  • Built or helped build dozens of ramps and skateparks

  • Skateboarded 500+ skateparks

Jeff Chase

30+ Year Skateboarder

  • Former professional skateboarder

  • Trim/finish Carpenter at AOI Corporation

  • Consultant on skateparks for Rob Dyrdek, Lake Owen Skate Camp, FuelTV, and more nationwide

  • Designed and built dozens of ramps and skateparks

  • Skateboarded 500+ skateparks

Dave Nelson

30+ Year Skateboarder

  • Founded SecretPenguin, a branding agency

  • Former professional skateboarder

  • 20+ years of branding, marketing, and design for professional skateboarders and skateboard companies

  • Helped build dozens of ramps and skateparks

  • Skateboarded 500+ skateparks

Drew Newlin

20+ Year Skateboarder

Brenton Gomez

20+ Year Skateboarder

  • Marketing Assistant at Film Streams

  • Hip-Hop Artist

  • Endorsed skateboarder

  • Skateboarded 100+ skateparks

Phil Burcher

40+ Year Skateboarder

  • Since 1986, Precision Skateshop owner

  • Built dozens of ramps and skateparks

  • Skateboarded 500+ skateparks

James Brown

20+ Year Skateboarder

  • Account Manager at PayPal

  • Skateboarded 100+ skateparks

  • Worked at a local skateboard shop for 10 years

  • Skateboarded 100+ skateparks

Travis Baigent

20+ Year Skateboarder

  • Survey Crew Chief at TD2 Engineering & Surveying

  • Endorsed skateboarder

  • Skateboarded 100+ skateparks


Joe Schmahl

30+ Year Skateboarder

  • Project Manager at AOI Corporation

  • Helped build dozens of ramps and skateparks

  • Skateboarded 100+ skateparks

Christian Turbes

15+ Year Skateboarder

Tyler Graham

15+ Year Skateboarder

  • Endorsed Skateboarder

  • Community volunteer

  • Skateboarded 50+ skateparks



❌ Skateparks will attract vandalism

One city official claimed that the skateparks need to be cleaned of graffiti every day.

We did the research and found that Elmwood Park (where a current golf course is) gets 3x the amount of graffiti than Roberts Park (where a current skatepark is).

If this is the reasoning to avoid a skatepark, then we should also consider not having any more golf courses ;)

In most cases, skateparks reduce crime in the area.

  • Activated area

    • Families typically use the park in the morning

    • Kids use it after school

    • Older folks use it in the evenings

  • Skateboarders won’t be skating on private property

    • With a dedicated place to skateboard, most skateboarders won’t skate on private property

Further Research on reducing crime: